What Can I Expect?

It’s as simple as giving blood.

Averages to about one visit a month–really!

What Can I Expect?

Your time commitment in this study is small: a brief consultation once a month, for a period of time between 12 and 18 months. Each visit takes from 60-90 minutes, but only because we are as thorough as possible and want to be sure you are well taken care of. In a typical visit you will:

In a typical visit you may:

  • Meet with one of our friendly doctors or staff to see how you’ve been.
  • Have blood drawn (like donating blood) so that your immune response can be tested later in our labs—no need for you to wait!
  • Receive an injection of our test-compound to keep your immune system in a responsive state until your next visit.

Yeah, but what are the risks?

Because we can’t repeat this enough:  You cannot get HIV from the vaccine used in this research.

That’s always everyone’s first question, and biggest concern. But do not worry, the vaccines being tested are completely man-made in such a way that it is impossible to get HIV infected from the vaccine.

Okay, there’s no HIV in the vaccine— but are there any side-effects?

Most people have a little soreness in their arm, a slight temperature, and some people have flu-like symptoms. Many don’t have any symptoms at all.  Most symptoms only last for about 24-48 hours. But, since these are brand new vaccines we are always on the lookout for other side effects so be sure to let your study team know right away if you experience anything unusual after getting a vaccine.

You can handle that, right?

But please understand that when you take part in this study there are always professionals available to answer your questions in case you are ever concerned about how you are feeling.


Give us a call. Let’s talk.

We want to be sure that this study is right for you, and that all of your questions are answered up front and honestly.

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